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A Super dApp within Authentication and Authorization by zkSNARKs. Interact with rest of world without revealing your data. 

join The world of Kontak with absolute privacy

Kontak is a decentralized application platform that provides Authentication and Authorization infrastructure by default. It serves as a Super App with PaaS structure. In its design, Person, Digital Platform and Physical Location are defined as actors. It gives Digital Identities to these actors and uses zk-SNARK technology interactions between them.

manage, Interact and verify yourself

Fully decentralized Solution for everything

Interaction between Person, Digital Platform and even Physical Locations on Blockchain Smart Contracts

Broadcast Your Services With Kontak Point

Kontak Point publishes the encrypted Physical Location Identifier on the BLE Eddystone-EID protocol. Encrypted and time-varying Physical Location Identifier is being brodcastet via BLE and QR Code.

Completely Wireless

-Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol

-IEEE 802.11 Protocol

-QR Code

Super App concept

Kontak provides a Super App infrastructure by default. Versatile apps and dapps could be implemented  easily. 

what Kontak Offers ?

Verify & Store Your Claims on Your Device

You can add and verify your claims with versatile methods such as KYC, OCT, Barcoded Documents etc. And these informations stored only on your mobile device

No More Mobile application Installation needed

You dont need to install mobile applications just for to get some bonuses. When you enter related physical location, related application will be listed on the screen, required authentication & authorization completed and when you left the place application will be deleted automatically. 

Display and Consume Service at exact Location

At the physical locations such as Coffee, Hospital, Bank etc. you can display related services which exactly served at that location. When you enter that exact location, you will be notified about services which served there verify required data with usage of zk-SNARK’s 

Forget about Traditional Authentication Ways

You don’t need to fill sign in or sign out forms. Thanks to Continue with Kontak option, you can directly access your account without concerning about authentication & authorization steps.



Features for single users



Features for single users




Features for single users




Features for single users


How Kontak provides privacy ?

Kontak uses zkSNARK Cryptography while interacting between actors. Kontak doesn’t store any user data.

What are actors in Kontak ?

Kontak provides three type of actors as Person, Physical Location and Digital Platform. 

What is Person actor in Kontak ?

Person actor means an actual person. Person uses Kontak Mobile application and verifies several claims. These claims stored only in users device. 

What is Digital Platform actor in Kontak ?

Digital platform actor means Web Apps, Mobile Apps and even dApps.  These digital platforms provide an Authentication and Authorization option to their users.

What is Physical Location actor in Kontak ?

Physical location means actual physical places such as coffee, hospital, university, bank etc. which provides exact services for the customers  or visitor. These locations contains an Identification and Service Broadcasting unit called Kontak Point.


What is Kontak Point ?

Kontak Point is a low-cost computer which broadcasts Physical Location Identifier via BLE Protocol or displays with QR Code on screen. 

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